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KNT 22

It is a very special project and is designed to be a new symbol for the European part of Istanbul, providing ample social opportunities to host a pleasant and enjoyable life while hosting you. Inspired by nature and offering a modern lifestyle, it provides a happy future and a profitable investment.

The project aims to provide wide social opportunities and provide good services under the slogan “Happy home owners”.

The wonderfully designed magic doors open up the five stars you vividly imagine.


With a total area of 310,000 square meters, the project includes 60% green space, The project consists of 7 residential units, including 2,519 residential units and 59 commercial units. You will find everything that meets your expectations and aspirations to enrich your life. This project will be the unique heart of Istanbul, where luxury and comfort combine to offer a different concept of life.

Apartment 0+1 (studio) / 40 – 65 square meters

Apartment 1+1 / 97-65 square meters

Apartment 2+1 / 85 – 125 square meters

Apartment 3+1 / 140 – 175 square meters


Every day the investment value of Istanbul is increasing. The role of this project for local and foreign investors introduces a new concept of profitable investment. We redefine the right to live and choose the best profitable return on investment.

On the European side of Istanbul, this project is considered to be the best investment opportunity and its value increases every day. With 2,519 housing units and 59 commercial units, we offer you a new concept of life. We are building a new concept of “profitable investment” for foreigners in particular. The areas in which our projects are conducted, we offer you the most profitable investment and choose the best lifestyle, where luxury meets the vital areas and international shopping malls.

Enjoy the spectacular views, as well as the availability of stores that will be the shopping street called “Boutique Istanbul” to meet the project all tastes. The Markets street include local and international brands, exclusive brands, and Istanbul’s most popular eating and drinking restaurants to be served on both sides of the Istanbul boutique with its striking aromas. The project has been engineered to suit the rich and picturesque landscapes.

This project is considered one of the largest projects carried out by the known construction company, which carries the effects of modern architecture in its qualities, for a more luxurious life in Istanbul, handing over your key to this unique project to live, you and your family and lead a dignified life full of safe and peace.

Housing in spacious homes of advanced technology & safety, and offers you opportunities and extensive social services under the banner of “Happy Home Owners” by bringing your imagination to life with five stars.

Social Facilities in Project

• Children’s playground facilities.

Ornamental Fish Aquarium

• Recreation areas.

• Pedestrian corridors.

• Basketball courts.

• Outdoor swimming pools.

• Indoor swimming pools.

• Film galleries.

• Turkish baths.

• Steam baths.

• Rooms to change clothes.

• Gymnasiums.

• cafes and bars.

• Children’s play rooms.

• Fitness center.

The project promises you a unique concept that combines luxury and comfort with a great view from the heart of Istanbul.

In addition to the rich architecture and rich landscapes that will delight you every day, shopping from the shops of important brands, boutiques, and restaurants that offer you the best flavors because of the unique culinary culture that satisfies all tastes.

Project Information
  • Luxury accommodation in the heart of the city

It is an integrated project with a total built-up area of ​​310,000 square meters and a total of 2,550 housing units. There are 59 stores in the Stores Street, which are characterized by luxury, comfort and uniqueness meets with a different concept, in addition to rich architecture and landscapes.

  • The new European symbol in Istanbul

The project aims to be the new symbol of the European Union in Istanbul, hosting a happy and enjoyable life and providing wide social opportunities aimed initially at providing social opportunities and wide-ranging social opportunities, advanced technology, safe homes and businesses.

  • The most beautiful moments

Is our dream and passion for five stars, and creating the idea of ​​“happy home owners” the most important task by providing a series of facilities and services that we provide at all stages of the project

Is the new symbol of the European Union in Istanbul, and hosting the life in which to provide opportunities for social fun and joy and high investment value. It will be the most famous shopping center, the center of the most attractive life in the Esenyurt region.

  • The most precious moments

We know that the most valuable value to you is the time in your busy schedule which is at a high level of modern lifestyle and without moving away from the center of this lifestyle we offer you a new life close to the commercial and entertainment centers and far from the traffic jams, Our project is one of the famous trademarks and brands in it.

  • More minutes are fun

We promise you a happier and more healthy life in the heart of the city, through sports and entertainment possibilities, and to live in a healthier and more exciting state. The project offers you a bar of fruit juices and various health products when taking a break from exercising. A project that combines you with entertainment and sports, and aims to make a positive change in your life through a prestigious lifestyle that will make you live five-star with simplicity in the Beautiful city of Istanbul.

  • The most fun games

A special club for children to entertain and help them grow and develop, in addition to the availability of parks and provide all the needs that children require by being in a safe and enjoyable project while you enjoy a happy life.

  • Proximity to transportation
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gardens
  • Internal services
  • Sauna
  • Squash
  • Security
  • Cafeteria
  • security cameras
  • car parking
  • Fitness Center
  • Winter swimming pool
  • Summer swimming pool
  • Tennis Court
  • basketball court
  • football stadium
  • Sport club
  • Emergency system
Location and distances

The project is located in Istanbul’s fast-growing Esenyurt area

  • 15 minutes from the airport
  • 5 minutes from schools
  • 5 minutes from the markets
  • 3 minutes of general conductors
  • Two minutes from the hospital
  • Turkish school: 1 km
  • Arab school: 2.5 km
  • Mall of Istanbul: 14 km
  • Ataturk International Airport: 18 km
  • Istanbul III Airport: 44 km
  • Old Town Center: 25 km
Payment Method and Delivery Date

First payment 30% when signing the contract and the rest installments over 36 months

The project is ready to be delivered