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KNT 16

The residential project is located in the Zeytinburnu area on the European side of Istanbul, specifically on the Kazlıçeşme Mah. , a district on the sea promenade and an extension of the Istanbul Strait.

A project under the guarantee of the Turkish government

The Project will return the warm life of the neighborhood that we have once again drawn to “Tash” Square. The historic buildings in the project, which will provide the fabric of Istanbul for the project KNT-16 , it will become part of your daily life by reviving cultural and social activities.

The project’s Tash Square has restored historic buildings, a culture and arts center, a fashion design workshop, a music school, a children’s club, restaurants, small hotels and high-floor apartments. You can imagine enjoying what you will discover in Tash Square when you are relaxing in the green patios and the edge of the water basins in the square.

Social Facilities

The project plans to have restaurants, exhibitions, art workshops, private gardens and airway routes for activities that open the door to good life for all ages of the neighborhood residents. Those beautiful days filled with the vitality of the children and their happy moments and friends of neighbors in the neighborhood where the sun is waiting to rise on the park , to return again with a new day in a world specially designed for you.

The project sport club, which will be part of the neighborhood’s life and enrich the sports culture in the neighborhood, will focus on offering unique opportunities for both young and old people.

The infrastructure of the project club is equipped with sports such as tennis, swimming pools and the basic sports branches.

Historic places
  • Water Tower:

The chimney base of the plant, which is used today as a water tank , created since 1845, was created as a steam generator for steam-powered production workshops. This registered building will be displayed as a cultural entity that characterizes one of the entrances to the project after the full restoration.

  • The bathroom:

The 19th-century bathroom is distinguished from other traditional Ottoman buildings and classic spa buildings.

  • Historic armored cars maintenance workshop:

The 19th-century armored car maintenance workshop will be hosted within the project as a commercial place, café, restaurant and exhibition.

  • Workshops and warehouses:

As for workshops and warehouses, one of the samples of modern industrial buildings between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the upper floors of the project will be transformed into office buildings and will be used for business.

The project has been implemented by an English company with more than 200 international awards.

This company typically carries out live, environmentally-friendly designs, and today, in the KNT-16 project, it offers an architectural design that reflects the life of the warm neighborhood, the timeless spirit and the historical fabric of Istanbul.

The project, which has been designed based on the concept of “new city planning”, aims to raise the quality of life and open new doors of human life where blue and green overlap.

* The Eurasia Tunnel and the Marmara Tunnel are under construction

The missed life of the warm neighborhood we knew once will return again to Tash Square, and the historic buildings in the project that will provide the fabric of Istanbul for the project part of everyday life by reviving cultural and social activities.

Tash Square has restored historic buildings, a culture and arts center, a fashion design workshop, a music school, a children’s club, restaurants, small hotels and high floor apartments. You can imagine what you will discover in Tash Square when you are relaxing in the green grounds and the edge of the water basins in the square.

The project is located on the coastal road of Zeytinburnu, adjacent to the historical peninsula via the Sea of ​​Marmara extending the Bosphorus.

Project Facilities

Shopping Center , 7/24 Security & Surveillance system, and Sea Shuttle Marmaray Metro Station, Fitness Center and Spa, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hotel accommodations are located on the seafront in Zeytinburnu.

With great transport facilities:

Marmara Metro Station 5 minutes

Abrasia Tunnel 5 minutes

Grand Bazaar 10 minutes

Sultan Ahmet 10 minutes

Ataturk Airport 15 minutes

Apartment types and spaces






1 bedroom: 53-133 square meters.

2 bedrooms: 104-223 square meters.

3 bedrooms: 163-527 square meters.

4 bedrooms: 209-437 square meters.

5 bedrooms: 342-400 square meters.

Features of apartments

All apartments will be equipped with Smart Homes system.

All lighting fixtures, curtains, fenders, air conditioners and remote floor heating are controlled by touch screens or by telephone. Smart Building systems offer technology for “good life” through security measures such as visual intercoms, Places such as the bathroom, resort, sauna, social facilities and other things such as weather, roads, hot and cold water control, and a soda fountain.

The project offers you the concept of contemporary life and the project design team has been awarded the Architecture Award

Distances and transportations

This project offers you various transportation routes by land, sea or rail.

The marina’s * and marine shuttle boats * planned in the project will provide access to where ever you want to go, in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Zeytinburnu – Marmaray’s position, the project’s residents will have easy access to all the city’s transport networks. The Eurasia Tube ** project, to be built under the sea in the Istanbul Strait near the project, will strengthen the central location of the project and facilitate transportation.

This project is situated 10 km from Ataturk Airport and has a central location by direct connections to important points such as the TEM and E5 highway main roads, and the berths of the seaplane buses in BakirKoy and YeniKapi.

  • The project is located 8 km from the Center of Old Istanbul
  • TopKapi Palace 5 km
  • Taksim Square and Nishan Tashi District 12 Km
  • Istanbul third Airport III – 50 Km